If you have judgment, and you know where the Defendants work, we will assist you with a garnishment (seizure) of wages.


Initial Cost:

$150.00 to cover the costs to prepare the Writ of Garnishment, have the Clerk of the Court issue it, and have it served on the Tenant’s employer.

Information Needed:
  • Name of the Debtor;
  • Current Address of the Debtor;
  • Name and Address of Debtor’s Employer;
  • Date of Birth of Debtor (if known);
  • Social Security Number of Debtor (if known);
  • Driver’s License Number of Debtor (if known).


A garnishment takes out 25% of the debtor’s disposable income. We take 1/3 of what is garnished as our fee.


A garnishment for wages is in effect until the earlier of:
  • 120 days;
  • The last periodic payment;
  • The judgment is stayed, vacated or satisfied in full; or
  • The writ is discharged.

After the garnishment has expired, it will need to be reissued in order to continue to collect on the judgment. This will require a deduction of another $150.00 from what is collected in order to cover the costs of filing and serving the employer.